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Pacific Novelties

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February 2009: Eagle Express [Jul. 13th, 2009|03:15 pm]
Pacific Novelties
Bamboo Village, a review by 8th Grader Joseph Lyall interpreted visually

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22 August 1997: I'm Taking Over Your School [Nov. 23rd, 2008|09:53 pm]
Pacific Novelties

The only reason for watching the 1997 Patrick Stewart Film Masterminds is the introduction, in which internet hacking is taken to a degree even more ludicrous than the usual gibson-hacking of most Hollywood films.

The film isn't available on DVD, so here's a vhs rip of said intro. It is absolutely delicious, especially for those of you who just EAT "inaccurate movie technology from the 90's" up.

Factual errors: There are no graphical interfaces on web sites that allow users to hack.
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13 September 2008 : Billboards Down [Nov. 13th, 2008|08:02 am]
Pacific Novelties

Hurricane Ike knocked these billboards down.

They are still down.

It's just as well.
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5 November 2008: Caution caution caution to prevent electric shock ... [Nov. 5th, 2008|09:20 am]
Pacific Novelties

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers has been ever so kind as to provide us with a database of abstractly horrible things happening to abstract people.
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Pacific Novelty Shadow Puppet Theater Presents:
Worker's Comp.,
A Retrospective and Revue

Warning: Flash origin story in progress.

Make sure crack pipe is properly oriented before use.

To prevent serious injury, Tetris should only be played with digital controls.
...do not do not do not remove cover.Collapse )
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1 June 1967 : The Quiet Furies [Oct. 28th, 2008|02:40 pm]
Pacific Novelties


This is a book of psychiatric case studies, published in 1967 and, to the best of my knowledge, never reprinted. Several of the case studies were made into thirty-minute, black & white films by the University of Michigan Television Center in 1969. The most interesting thing about this book, in my opinion, is the set of illustrations done by an artist named Edith Dines, about whom I can find nothing. They are imperfect but striking. Some of them are, as the kids say these days, "nightmare fuel". I present them here with the case names they accompanied serving as titles.
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DD/MM Unknown, 2000 : Game Room, Southwest Australia [Oct. 23rd, 2008|08:29 am]
Pacific Novelties

In early 2000, I took a short road trip through southwest Australia. Along with absolutely beautiful shoreline and some of the best weather I've experienced in my life, I found an odd, wonderful little treasure: an arcade game room.

It was a small room attached to the side of a diner, I think. All the games were switched off, and it was clear that no one had been into the room for quite some time.

More photos, descriptions, and observations beneath the cut.Collapse )
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June 1991: 2 Cute 2 Be 4gotten [Oct. 20th, 2008|10:07 pm]
Pacific Novelties
Neel Kashkari was designated as the Interim Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Financial Stability on October 6, 2008. In this capacity, Mr. Kashkari oversees the Office of Financial Stability including the Troubled Asset Relief Program.

May I present to you, Mr. Neel Kashkari's Senior Yearbook Page (1991)Collapse )
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30 September 2008: Gamer Grub [Oct. 3rd, 2008|04:43 am]
Pacific Novelties
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Oh ho ho ho oh my

Gamer Grub, the first performance snack formulated especially for gamers

is there anyway this can be funnier than gamerfuel (the answer is yes, yest it can)Collapse )
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22 September 2008: Kiss From a Rose Feat. Ratatoing [Sep. 22nd, 2008|09:37 am]
Pacific Novelties

So you've seen Ratatoing and are craving MORE? Or do you refuse to see it and want a rundown of it featuring wildly inappropriate music and video effects?


Made in two hours with Windows Movie Maker, Ratatoing Feat. Seal is either the funniest or worst things I've ever done. I'll let YOU, the AUDIENCE, decide.
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26 June 2007 : RATATOING [Sep. 20th, 2008|02:11 pm]
Pacific Novelties


Do you want to see Ratatoing for yourself? Of course you do. Here it is.

Here are the voice actors who slummed it under pseudonyms:

While you wait, please enjoy the "Ratatoing Rap". After the movie, you'll be qualified to sport this handsome bumper sticker.
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