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20 March 2008 : Political Cartoons from Heaven

You might remember Linda and Gerald Polley, the psychic couple that channels songs and artwork from the likes of John Lennon, Kurt Cobain, Jackson Pollock, and God. What you might not know is that, since writing that article, Linda has been in fairly frequent contact with me, telling me how she and Gerald are getting along and letting me know when Lennon et al. have sent down another song or animation that I might enjoy. She's really very nice to talk to, and a message from her is always a pleasant surprise.

Recently, however, Mohammed and Jesus Christ have been sending political cartoons to Earth through Gerald in support of his bid for the United States presidency in 2008. Beneath the cut, Pacific Novelty presents without comment a sampling of these cartoons and any explicatory captions that accompany them.

Muhammad, 20 March 2008

Osama Bin Laden, Muqtada al-Sadr, and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have been hung. A shocked Islamic man comes up to Muhammed and cries "Muhammed, what did they do?" and Muhammed answers "They bombed my innocent children while they were at prayer!"

Jesus Christ, 23 March 2008

A minister teaching false teachings that make people hate and fills them with lust and greed is destroyed by Christ's power in God's Temple.

Jesus Christ, 27 March 2008

The Power Of God destroying the false Christian Churches that are sodomizing His children.

Muhammed, 28 March 2008

Jesus Christ, 29 March 2008

Jesus drives homosexuals out of churches crying "Not in my Father's house you don't!"

Muhammed, 1 April 2008

Muhammed, 2 April 2008

Jesus Christ, 4 April 2008

There is a gap between those who would sodomize God's children, and God's true believers
that can never be filled in.

Muhammed, 5 April 2008

Jesus Christ, 5 April 2008

The hammer and cycle of communism breaking as they try to strike the cross of Christ. A loud voice cries out "It can't be broken! It can't be broken!"

Jesus Christ, 10 April 2008

God's Sword Coming To Destroy Gay Marriage.

Jesus Christ, 13 April 2008

Muhammed wanted a different cartoon today. He wanted one of a Catholic Bishop having intercourse with an altar boy and singing "Joy To The World," but it was just beyond our capabilities. We still could use some artistic help.

Jesus Christ, 16 April 2008

Jesus' representation of the results of exotic dancing.

All the cartoons may be viewed on the Polleys' website.

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